Fear and Loathing in Indiana

If you’ve been reading this blog anytime at all, then you know that I am going to school in Indiana. Richmond is right on the Ohio/Indiana border, so I’m getting campaign stuff on both sides.

This morning I came across this article in the New York Times about the economic situation and how it is playing out in people’s lives and on the Presidential campaign here in Indiana. The subject of the article is Elkhart, which is in northern Indiana, but is, in so many ways, just like Richmond. For those of us who are places where the economy was going down before this most recent situation, this is not new news. But for many others, it might be.

When I first got here to Richmond I was amazed at how many houses here were up for sale. The number has gone up even more since I got here. And these are not people who took out loans that they couldn’t afford; these people lost their jobs. In all this talk about the mortgage meltdown, where is the talk about jobs?

I’m going to St. Louis for a few days starting on Wednesday, so there might not be much activity on here. But then again, there may be.

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