The Obesity Myth….or NutriSystem for Men

It looks like I’m going to have to do yet another post on cultural misappropriation, but I want to do this passing glance at TV advertising.

Now…I am a big girl. Always have been. Probably always will be. So I tend to look at diet commercials very skeptically anyway. However, I just have to rant a little about this commercial that I’ve been seeing more and more lately. It’s the commercial for NutriSystem for Men.

I am the last one that will discuss whether somebody needs to be on a diet or not. However, the last time I looked, Dan Marino didn’t need one. And yet he’s hawking this “diet” plan as some kind of easy fix. This insanity must stop. It’s horrific enough that women are held to the impossible standards that they are held to (which contribute to the fact that the diet industry makes millions convincing people that they are somehow all “obese” slobs), why use Dan Marino to hawk your product? In no way or measure is Dan Marino unhealthy, even if he had gained 20 pounds since leaving football. Hell, the man’s gotten older; it’s just a natural part of aging to gain a little weight.

When are people going to stand up and say stop this insanity?

ok……rant over……maybe I’ll write on cultural misappropriation later.


2 thoughts on “The Obesity Myth….or NutriSystem for Men

  1. Heaven forbid that I would give anyone advice, but here it is anyhow: eat lots of vegetables – all kinds, two meals a day. This fills you up with lots of good stuff, is very healthy, and actually tastes fine. Throw in some cottage cheese, nuts, hot sauce to make the mix more interesting.
    Best wishes
    ps I am already grinding my teeth thinking about the upcoming cultural misappropriation post

  2. You want to talk cultural apporpriation? A positive one would be mainstream america appropriating ethnic images of beauty that do not define a hot woman as a 14 year old boy with balloons strapped on, nor men as 22 year old replicas of David.

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