Myers-Briggs and Me

At ESR they ask that you take the Myers-Briggs inventory during your first semester (or the semester that you take Spiritual Prep).  I wasn’t particularly surprised with my results…..INTJ.  Nor was I particularly surprised that the TJ could easily have been FP (which is what it was the last time I took the inventory).

What did surprise me was that I didn’t care what my results were. They mean nothing to me. And I’m a little concerned that ESR pays so much attention to it. There are so many other things that would seem to determine whether one is going to be a capable minister besides M-B that I wish we were using them instead.

Have you found Myers-Briggs helpful to you? If so, why? And if not why not?


3 thoughts on “Myers-Briggs and Me

  1. When I worked as an editor, management had all of take the Myers-Briggs. the idea was that they would put people into teams according to the test results. The problem was that all of had almost exactly the same results. People tend toward occupations according to their personalities.

    The results were consistent regarding what I knew about myself, so I wasn’t surprised. In that respect the Myers-Briggs wasn’t particularly hepful.

    A far more powerful personality-typing scheme is the Enneagram. I learned much about myself and others through my reading books on the Enneagram. It offers insights insights far beyond that of the Myers-Briggs.

  2. I know that when I took the M-B, it suggest the career path that I had taken decades before – not sure if this meant that I had picked the right career or my personality had changed because of the career. I took the test because of my date of the time wanted to use it to see if we matched….
    Tests can be useful – but what do they plan to do with it, and what penalties are there for being the wrong type?

  3. I don’t consistently check, but I happened to see your post. Funny because I just received an email (confirming my UUCF membership) in which Rev. Ron Robinson told me to say hi to you if I saw you @ Earlham. So instead I’m cyber-waving hello 🙂

    I’m a first semester ESR Access student. I remember something about Myers-Briggs in the admissions info, but I haven’t heard about it since. Did you receive specific instructions about taking it?

    I enjoy personality-type (Enneagram is my favorite) but I don’t like to be too hard-core about it. I’ve taken short versions of Myers-Briggs tests and currently get ENFP as my result which matches me pretty well (originally INFP). So far I find the book “What’s Your Type of Career?” the most useful.

    Anywho, nice to “run into” a fellow UU ESR student 🙂

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