Name That Supreme Court Case

Will Shetterly over at it’s all one thing asks people to name a Supreme Court case besides Roe and Brown (I like that he put that one in there as well, as that does seem to be the one everybody is naming). And I must say that I’m flabbergasted that the governor of the state of Alaska couldn’t name the Exxon Valdez case that the court decided last year if I remember right.

I will name my case……Griswold v. Connecticut (1965). For those of you who are worried about Roe being overturned, take a gander at this case. Chalicechick can correct me if I’m wrong (it’s been a while since I was in a Con. Law class), but Roe really just builds upon Griswold.

The real right to privacy comes from Griswold, not Roe.

And how come nobody has mentioned Miranda v. Arizona (1966)? or Lawrence and Gamer v. Texas (2003)-the case striking down most sodomy laws? or New York Times v. Sullivan (1964)? or even New York Times v. United States (1971)- the Pentagon Papers case?

There are many I can think of, but many of them are nowhere near as well known. The one that I think of most is Patterson v. Alabama (1932). For those of you familiar with the story of the Scottsboro Boys, then you should know this case.

oh well…..when I think of others, I will post them.


4 thoughts on “Name That Supreme Court Case

  1. You’re right. Roe builds on Griswold, and indeed, doesn’t make much sense until you’ve studied Griswold. (Joel will protest that it doesnt’ afterwards either, but there you go.)


  2. To be fair Palin was asked to name another case that she disagreed with. She said she was a federalist and thought states should have the ability to control those laws. Sure people can list Dred Scott, or Miranda, but are they cases you feel should be overturned?

  3. UUpdater,
    My guess is that Palin disagreed with the Exxon case, seeing as though she put out a statement as governor saying that she was disappointed in the ruling. Wouldn’t that mean she would wish it would be overturned?

    And many conservatives have disputed the validity of Miranda. And Lawrence and Gamer v. Texas, the sodomy case–saying that those should be overturned.

    But if the question is one of disagreement with a case, why not just say Dred Scott. Most people, no matter whether they are strict constructionist or more interpretive when it comes to reading the Constitution, have a problem with that case.

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