Can We Talk About Race

So I decided to look at today’s (Sept. 22) NY Times editorial page online before I go to bed and come across this wonderful article about racial language in the current political landscape.

How do we talk about race in a way that isn’t demeaning or over-simplifying? Or when can somebody express something and not be considered “angry”? Is it even possible to talk about race and it not descend into chaos?

oh well..that’s it for this post. I might write more later.

3 thoughts on “Can We Talk About Race

  1. Hard enough to do in community.

    In the thick of a political campaign, with politics as practiced and the media… up to its normal standards?

    The former can be done. The latter? Not now. I think Obama already performed a minor miracle in his speech on the subject.

  2. I would hope UU is the Faith best suited to discussions about race, but I know I am being naive. I would say within the UU world the problem is that too often there is a balance where if a racist is passive agressive enough or subtle enough their hate is considered discourse to be heard.

    I look forward to a time when more UU’s not only speak of antiracism, but practice it by calling out a few of the racist UU bloggers in the blogosphere.

    A recent example would be the angry reaction by some racially insensitve people to the wonderful “White Privilage” article. While many found the article interesting, few defended it in the backlash of racist denial.

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