The Use of the Term “Pagan”

So I’m sitting in Church History class being bored (not that it’s a dull subject, this is just stuff I’ve studied at length), and a thought came to my mind while listening to a discussion of the persecution of Christians.

I really hate the fact that Hellenistic culture is described as Pagan. It is so exclusivistic a term that it makes my skin crawl. Isn’t there another term that could be used when we’re talking about this stuff?

oh well…that’s the end of the rant. Back to revising my memoir piece.


2 thoughts on “The Use of the Term “Pagan”

  1. For those who identify as Pagan, it’s actually quite comforting. Pagan Greece, Pagan Rome…. If the folks teaching Church History wish to distance themselves from the (messy, flawed, entirely human) civilized glory that was Greece–and Rome–well… so be it.

    All “pagan” meant originally was “of the countryside”–in the way that “hick” is understood. So on one level it’s just absurd. Paganism and the Hellenic polis? Paganism and the urb of Rome? Ah well…

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