Thinking About Michelle…..

So while watching the big speech last night, I really looked at Michelle. Not that I haven’t looked at her before. I’ve always thought that she is just strikingly beautiful. But I really did look at her last night. And it finally came to me why so many polls say that while many Americans say that they are ready for a black President, they don’t know how they feel about having a black First Lady….a black First Lady would force (in some way) people to think about the standard of beauty that is still heavily blond-haired and blue-eyed.

Even with all the comparisons to Jackie O., there’s always been an uneasiness in how to talk about Michelle’s beauty.  Does America even have the vocabulary to talk about black beauty that is not somehow contingent on the whole idea of being light-skinned as the only way to be pretty?

So I’m thinking about Michelle today. And waiting to see the analysis of her.

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