I Love Amtrak……….

…..even when I can’t stand them.

…..even when the train arrives 4 1/2 hours late into St. Louis.

…..even when said train arrives in Chicago almost 7 hours late.

…..even when said train beats the 3:00 St. Louis-Chicago train by only 20 minutes.

…..even when I arrive in Chicago with just enough time to make my train to Boston.

This friends, has been the oddest trip I’ve had with Amtrak. And let me tell ya, I’ve had some real dozies. But this one ranks right at the top for weirdness/oddness. Which is why Amtrak will be getting a complaint call on Monday morning from me.

Anyway…Scott Wells over at boyinthebands.com has had a really good conversation going on about train travel. If you’re interested, take a look.

I’m in Boston until the 22nd, then I’ll be headed down to Ft. Lauderdale to not attend GA but hang out with all my friends. So I’ll post when I can.


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