Looking For Books

I decided to go on the Earlham bookstore site today so I could see if the booklist for my August intensive was up yet. It was.

They are:


Soul Tells A Story by Vinita Hampton Wright  (isbn- 0830832319)

Living Journal by Christian Koontz  (isbn- 1556123701)

Christian Imagination: The Practice of Faith in Literature and Writing by Leland Ryken  (isbn- 0877881235)

Storytelling: Imagination and Faith by William Bausch (isbn- 0896221997)


Does anyone have a copy of any of these books that they would be willing to lend me? (I would gladly pay postage for you to ship them)  The class lasts for 2 weeks (August 4-15) and I would like to get a jump on reading them before I get back to Indiana. Any and all books borrowed will be returned in good condition.



3 thoughts on “Looking For Books

  1. Thanks for the responses. I just thought I would throw out the booklist and see what came up. I will probably order them from Amazon while I’m in Ft. Lauderdale so they’ll be here when I get back.

    The class is called Writing As Ministry. It is the first course in ESR’s writing program/emphasis.

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