Times…..They Are A’Changin’

I took a walk around the neighborhood that I grew up in today. It was the first time since last spring, and with all the changes in my life, it was interesting to do. I did have a motive for taking the walk; I was going to the beauty supply store that’s not too far the house, but I could have asked for a ride yet decided not to since it was such a pretty day outside.

One of the first things that struck me was how many houses are up for sale. Not that houses for sale is unusual, the number did strike me. As I don’t think all of this (or even most of it) is because of the mortgage crisis, I wonder what’s going on in the neighborhood.

Then I noticed the smaller things…..the pedestrian bridge has been torn down….the bike path has been repainted….new gates have been put up….the kids have to walk home a different way from school.

ahhhh….times…..they truly are changing. Not that I didn’t know that already, but this time away from home has shown me just how much they change. And in a short period of time.

It shows one just how short life is. And how we must seize the day. And most especially how there are some things you can’t do enough of…..love is one…….time with friends is another.

I guess that’s it for tonight. More later.


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