My Summer Vacation

Hello friends.

I’m procrastinating typing up my answers for my final exam in Emergency Pastoral Care and thought I would take a few minutes to write about my summer plans.

Who knew things could change in a matter of days? My original plans were that I was going to spend about 6 weeks here in St. Louis then travel to Maine and New Hampshire (it’s good to have friends who want you around) then come back here for a couple of days before going back to Indiana for my August intensive.  Well…that all changed on my big trip east.

Now my plans are that I’m going to be here in St. Louis for 2 weeks….then on to Boston for a week and some days….then to Ft. Lauderdale (even though I won’t be attending GA) to hang out with friends….back to St. Louis for about a week….then Maine and New Hampshire.

I feel like a little kid who gets to go to camp for my summer vacation; while I’m glad to spend some time at home, I don’t want to be here all summer. Now I don’t have to. 🙂

The only thing that could have made this the bestest summer vacation ever would be if E. could actually join us for Girls Week in Maine. She can’t, but I’m going to take so many pictures that when we see each other in August she’ll feel like she was there with us.

What are your summer vacation plans (if you have any)? How excited are you about them?


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