A Spot of (bad)Poetry

In Emergency PC the other day, we had to be artistic. Since I can’t draw a straight line, I decided to write a poem. Since I like my poem (even though it’s bad) I have decided to publish it here.  The subject of the poem is compassion.


What is compassion to me?

A warm blanket

A friend’s hug

Waves lapping over one


A baby’s kiss

Jersey sheets

Magnolias in bloom


Macaroni and cheese

Raindrops on roses

and wind in the trees


A sly smile

A wink

A pat on the shoulder

and a contented sigh


Rainbows that appear while it’s still raining

Girls Week in Maine

and friends who love their frog keychains


but even if none of these existed

it would be

that touch or thing or feeling or action or force of nature

that makes one feel, if just for a second

safe and protected

warm, embraced, comforted, wanted, needed, beautiful and loved.


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