Lunch At Tiffany’s

There is one thing that must happen every time that I come to New York. I must go pay homage, and drop a few dollars, at Tiffany’s. Today was the perfect day to go……light grey sky and rainy. I found the best gift for persons who don’t know they’re getting one. And I recommend that if you are in NYC and want to buy a gift, try Tiffany’s 3rd and 4th floors, which are the silver, china and crystal floors.

Anyway…..I saw Cat On A Hot Tin Roof last night. Terrance Howard was really good as Brick. You could tell this is the first time he’s done stage work, but you could tell he felt comfortable in the role. You could also tell that he will be phenomenal the next time he is on the stage.

R. and I are going to meet for lunch in about an hour. Don’t know exactly what we’ll do after lunch, but it will be fun.

Of course I should be writing my short paper for Emergency Pastoral Care class which starts Monday. But hell, I have 19 hours on the train to do that. So I shall procrastinate until tomorrow afternoon. 🙂 

More next week when I’m back in Richmond.


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