One Down……A Few More To Go

I’ve been reluctant to post since Sunday because I really am in a state of gratitude because of people in my life like E. and R. and I want to keep that gratitude up front.

But life moves on.  I turned in my paper in New Testament on the Syrophoenician woman. I had to cut it some to make it just under 10 full pages, and that was a good feeling. It had been a while since I had written anything that long, and non-fiction at that. So maybe I’ll actually be ok here in seminary.

With that paper down, I have 2 other major papers plus a visit report to go. And one last presentation, in New Testament about the Gospel of Judas and how we got the canon we got. Thank goodness I’ve got most of the information I need for all that work.

I decided that tonight I wasn’t going to do any work and just relax. Back to work in the morning.


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