Love, Friends And Gratitude

After class on Thursday, E. said something that I’m just now processing: “You fall in love first, and work stuff out as you go along.”

Does that apply to friends too? ‘cuz I’m in love with a few of my friends (and as you can see I’m not talking about romantic love). And it does seem as if we work stuff out as we go along. Plus, they tend to share a lot of stuff in common. So does that mean I have a “type” when it comes to friends?

Anyway……E. and I hung out for a couple of hours today. I felt so special……the “popular” girl in class actually spent time with me. With me! That never happens to me.  Wait…..let me correct that……it happens anytime R. and I are together. I am always amazed that I am on her radar. Mainly because I stand in awe of her.

I always say a prayer to G-d in gratitude for the people like R. and E. who take time out of their very busy lives to spend time with little ‘ole me, who can’t offer them anything more than they already have. They have given me so much that I will never have enough words to tell them how much they mean to me and how my life would be totally different without them.

oh well….guess it’s time to get back to my NT paper.

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