Romance and Nostalgia Can Help Heal A Troubled Soul

After class on Wednesday, my soul was troubled. All the talk of lynching just made me feel like I needed to curl into the fetal position and have someone pay attention to me. But since I have classes and other things to do, that wasn’t going to happen. It colored everything that happened to me yesterday (and I had really been looking forward to making a presentation in my Theology class), and it seemed like I was going to be in a funk all weekend.

Then last night something wonderful happened. I got to see some romance on TV. With a little nostalgia mixed in. It took my mind off the thing that was troubling me and let me see something beautiful. Love in a couple of its purest forms. That in and of itself has helped me. In fact E. commented this morning that it looked like I was feeling better. And I am.

Now if R. happens upon this post, she will renew her effort to get me hooked-up with somebody. But as I’ve told her many times, I’m just not built for/meant for that. Friendship is the most/best I can offer anybody. However that doesn’t mean that I don’t want a little romance in my life, just not…hmmm…can’t put it into words.

Anyway, I’m digressing……….

So friends, if you’re feeling a little down, find some old romantic movie and play it. I can guarantee you that, while it won’t totally heal you, it will give you a head start.


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