Jonah for the 21st Century

I’ve been asked to participate in Chapel this week. Those of us who are going to be a part of the service have been asked to take either our favorite parable or teaching and bring it into modern day.

I was flattered when asked. Then my nervousness kicked in……why the h— would anybody want to hear from me? I’ve only been here 2 1/2 months (plus a few days). Do I have anything that I really want to say? What parable or teaching would I use if I decided to be a part of the service?

So this has been rumbling in my mind for a couple of weeks since I was first asked. I’ve thought about what parables I really like…….the prodigal son……talents…….mustard seed…..but can’t really figure out how to retell them. Then I thought about Jesus and the woman at the well because I was given a new perspective on it when I heard Dr. Gary Dorien preach on it, but decided that I wouldn’t do it justice.

Next, I turned to the Hebrew scriptures. Lots of stuff there. hmmm…..God’s promise to Abraham and Sarah (and Sarah laughing)…….Noah and the flood……Dinah…….Tamar…….Ruth and Naomi, but just like with Jesus and the woman at the well, I’m not smart enough to do them justice.

Finally it came to me……..Jonah! It wouldn’t take much for me to retell that, I’ll just use my life. So Jonah will come forward to the 21st century……let’s hope I don’t make a complete fool of myself.

Now all I need is Peacebang’s ok on the shoes I plan to wear.


One thought on “Jonah for the 21st Century

  1. You might want to point out that, after some initial reluctance if not cowardice, Jonah was actually one of the most immediately successful Biblical prophets in that his message was heard and understood and the people responded appropriately to it.

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