It Never Rains In Southern California………

………but it definitely rains in Eastern Indiana.

There is a general malaise around here at ESR/Bethany. We’re all waiting for the sun to appear for more than 5 minutes at a time and it’s just not cooperating .

However, there are some leaves coming onto the trees. Some flowers are coming out of the ground. The grass is starting to green up a bit. Hope for spring’s arrival is in evidence.

I think I’ll go and buy some daffodils. They brighten up any place.

2 thoughts on “It Never Rains In Southern California………

  1. It drizzled last night. Less than promised, but any late rain–heck, ANY rain–is welcome here. Rain’s what keeps Indiana green.

    I could email you a photo of the iris in bloom–but I’d also have to email you a late August photo when the hills are tawny gold, because nothing that’s not a tree or shrub, hanging on in a desert region, is anything but dead, dry fire fodder–a memory of spring.

  2. Maybe we’re in different parts of Indiana. ‘Cuz it rained (not drizzled) here last night. And again early this morning. It’s drizzling now and will probably do that off-and-on for the rest of the day.

    My church history professor has promised us that when spring actually comes, it will be beautiful. She’s just hoping that it comes by graduation time, which is May 3rd.

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