Things Learned During Spring Break

Now that I’ve actually been in Richmond a full day, I think I can write about what I learned (mostly about myself) during Spring Break.

1. My relationship with my mother has not changed. That was the thing I was most worried about in this move to Richmond; losing my connection to my mother. Well, that fear was vanquished within a day, as we fell into our patterns of thinking the same thoughts and reacting to them the same way.

2. I missed my two newest friends, E. and B. In many ways I couldn’t wait to get back to see them and find out what they did over break. This was my other concern, that I wouldn’t find friends easily. But life has a way of surprising people, me especially, and I’m glad I have been pleasantly surprised.

3. I enjoy seminary more than I thought I would. Earlham was a good choice for me.

4. St. Louis water is wonderful. It makes a really good pitcher of iced tea that has a really nice taste. I wish I had St. Louis water here.

While some of these things learned are big and some small, I’m glad I learned them. Maybe they ought to give us Spring Break more often.

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