I-70 Is A Great Highway…..or Spring Break Ends

Hello all. I hope everyone’s Easter was what you wanted.

At the moment I am sitting in the resource room at ESR and thinking that just yesterday I was in St. Louis preparing to come back here to Richmond. While technically Spring Break ended for Earlham College students on Sunday, since ESR doesn’t hold classes on Monday I decided that I would spend one more day at home. It was a good decision if the line at Greyhound yesterday was any indication. There were plenty of us coming East because of Spring Break starting or ending. Luckily there were no problems and it was smooth riding.

This brings me to the title of this post; I-70 East is great. I had forgotten just how good it was until this trip. Illinois and Indiana have put their highway money to good use.

Anyway…..I have New Testament this afternoon. We’ll be talking about the Gospel of Matthew and telling our professor what our next paper is going to be about. I have decided to write mine on the healing of the Syrophoenician woman’s daughter. There seems to be plenty for me to work with from a variety of perspectives.

No Theology 101 today. Our professor is out-of-town until tomorrow. So we’ll have class just on Thursday this week. We’ll be talking about Gay and Lesbian theologies.

So until NT meets, I’ll be planning my trip to Boston and New York in May. It looks like I found a deal on a hotel in NYC, so I’ll be staying in the Times Square/Theatre District again. More on that later.


One thought on “I-70 Is A Great Highway…..or Spring Break Ends

  1. Hi, Kim,
    I remember using the Syrophonecian woman’s story as an imaginary verbatim during CPE. We were asked to take a story from the Bible and respond to it pastorally. I imagined myself as the chaplain, torn between the request of the woman, whose daughter was not one of my patients, and the collegial responsibility I felt to the chaplain who had not been willing to serve her. This was hard thinking to do at that stage of my discernment and formation process. I hope you find it powerful in your own ways.

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