Jeremiah Wright Could Get Me To Drink Sand In The Desert

Some of you who read this blog have probably heard me say that Trinity UCC is my favorite church. The main reason for that is Jerry Wright.

I was lucky enough to hear Dr. Wright during Minister’s Days in Portland last summer. It felt sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good to be at a UU gathering and hear religion the way I grew up with it and hear words like Ma’dea and “sheeeeeee…”. I even got to ask him a question about how he got the members of Trinity to go along with something.

That man could get me to drink sand in the desert. And the reason for that is because he preaches from a black liberationist theology standpoint.

It’s a real shame that Barack Obama had to ask Dr. Wright to leave his role as one of his spiritual advisers. They have a real relationship that should have been able to withstand the showing of those clips. (my last life was in politics….so I do understand why it happened). The real shame is that the right-wing is going to have more of a field day with this than they were already having with Barack’s association with Trinity. Philocrites at his blog points to an article about Trinity and Dr. Wright. (there’s also a book review of The Audacity of Hopewritten by Dr. Gary Dorrien in the same Christian Century issue) If you’re interested in all the circus around this, take a look at the links he has.

A couple of weeks ago in my Theology 101 class, we talked about black liberationist theology. If you’re interested in my reaction to that class, scroll down to my post “Aunt Jemima Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”. And in a couple of weeks, we will be talking about womanist theology. All of this should make for an interesting discussion.


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