The Sun Will Come Out……..

The day started very dreary. It was grey sky and rainy. The weather seemed to suit the news…..a young woman at Earlham College died by her own hand last night. So yes, there was a real dark cloud over Richmond. I can’t help but feel for that young woman…..any of us who have lived in the depths of that kind of depression where suicide looks to be a blessing feel for her. And I also feel for her family, as they were probably preparing for her to come for a Spring Break visit. To be preparing to bury your child when you were looking forward to spending time together must be difficult.

It rained all the way to Indianapolis. The conversation between me and E., my Canadian classmate, was good and very heavy. I’m so glad that we had the chance to just be together. Makes me miss R. that much more.

After a hug with E., I went into the Greyhound station to pick up my ticket and stand in the line. Luckily, I got a seat to myself.

About 10 miles outside of Indy, the sun started peeking through. And I couldn’t help thinking about how the day started out dreary and yet was going to end (for me) on such a high note……the sun was going to be over the Arch when I arrived in St. Louis.

The sun coming out of the clouds really made me think of that young woman at Earlham. The sun won’t come out tomorrow for her. There will be no pretty sunrises or sunsets. There will be no coming out of that depth of depression. There will be no more talks with people like E. or R. There will be no more………….

As Holy Week is upon us, the message of both Maundy Thursday/Good Friday and Easter have real meaning. From the former, we get the darkest of darks. And yet….. and yet……the later shows that there can be something beautiful that may come out of the depths of despair.

May you have a Holy Week that gives you hope and beauty out of the midst of ashes.


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