Living The Questions……The Gospel of Mark

Today in New Testament we talked about the Gospel of Mark.

The Gospel of Mark is my favorite gospel……I like the immediacy of it mostly. I also like that the “real” ending has the women running from the tomb afraid. There’s a mystery in this gospel that doesn’t appear in the others.

Anyway…..our professor asked us what we thought the impact the gospel had on us. When it got to me I said that, for me, Mark is the perfect gospel for Ordinary Time. You have to live the questions: who was Jesus? what did Jesus stand for? what is Christianity? can there be a Christianity without the resurrection (which is implied, but not explicitly talked about in Mark)? what is the significance of the cross?

My professor seemed to like my response. I’m sure that it will come up in our class discussion online.

Tomorrow I do my second regional report on Boston. This time I have decided to only focus on the big 3 in Boston now……us…..the Catholics……and the Christian Scientists. And I’m going to talk about the founding of all the Boston area theological schools. So it will be much easier than the last report.


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