You Can Take The Girl Out of Evangelicalism, But You Can’t Take The Evangelicalism Out Of The Girl

Matt over at Naked Samadhi has written a post about how many UUs denigrate those on the Evangelical, Fundamentalist and Pentecostal branches of the Protestant tree. If you haven’t gone over and read it, I recommend that you do.

So much of this is fresh in my mind because I’m taking US Church History right now and we’re talking about all these different movements.

Like Matt, I was raised in Evangelical Christianity (my birth-right denomination is both evangelical and fundamentalist, but they are two different movements). I am a deacon’s daughter, and while I was never on the same page with them theologically(at least not after age 13), I love the way I was raised. No matter where I go in life, they will always be a part of me and, in many ways, I will always be a part of them.

It is because of the way I was raised that I eventually ended up in Unitarian Universalism. Evangelicalism gave me a grounding. A base. An understanding of how church works (or should work). It also gave me the opportunity to see just how much saving grace there is in life.

Some of my friends have heard me say that the longer I stay in UU circles, the more Pentecostal I become. I don’t know why this is happening, but it is. And most days, that brings me much joy. So the old saying is true; you can take the girl out of evangelicalism, but you can’t take the evangelicalism out of the girl. And I thank God for that.


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