Thoughts From The Snow

Well, I arrived home about 15 minutes ago in the blowing snow. As someone who really hates snow, I find it God’s sense of humor to send me to seminary here in the backwoods of Indiana. (Just for the Indiana folks who might read this…..I don’t really think that Richmond is the backwoods, but it feels like it sometimes) I got up this morning and looked outside and said to myself “Yipee, I can wear tennis shoes to class today.” I knew that there was snow in the forecast, but for later in the day; long after I would have been here at home. So I put on my socks and tennis shoes and went off to class. By 8:40 the snow was starting to come down. And by 9:45 it was blowing in pretty shapes off the roof of the ESR building. I had to pick up a few things at the grocery store, so I went there right after class truly looking like Nanooka of the North. All of this just makes me soooooooo glad that Spring Break starts after class next Friday; St. Louis is tropical compared to this.

Anyway… was US Church History. At the moment we are talking about some of the 19th century movements that develop on this soil. One of the movements we’re going to pay a lot of attention to after Spring Break is the Illuminists (bka “New Thought”). After talking about some of the characteristics of New Thought, I asked whether there was a connection between Illuminists and practitioners of Voodoo? My professor said that she didn’t know, but that it might be something to look into. So maybe this summer I’ll do a little research on if there is a connection between New Thought and Voodoo. Something to look forward to.


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