The God-Shaped Hole

In my last post, I was talking about what people call the God-shaped hole.

Too many people look for love in all the wrong places trying to fill the God-shaped hole. What message do we offer those looking for the kind of love that truly unconditional? Does one have to believe in God in order to have a God-shaped hole?

4 thoughts on “The God-Shaped Hole

  1. Well… yes. You could have another kind of hole… an energy, spirit, or love shaped hole. I agree with you though that people are desperate to fill themselves up with something. Anything.

  2. You might really enjoy Michael Dowd’s work on evolutionary theology, that I just posted today on Best of UU. He has a whole new, yet historically grounded, way of looking at God that fits every faith, including atheism.

  3. I think you’ve misunderstood the phrase “God-shaped hole.” The way theologians use that term is to talk about the way some people arrive at a belief in God indirectly, because the existence of God is the best way to account for some of the assumptions of their theological system. Although people may begin agnostic and maybe not even much interested in the question of God’s existence, by the time they’ve built up all the rest of their system, making claims about things that they really do care about, they’ve left a hole in the shape of God that they should just go ahead and fill in.

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