All About Love

I’ve been thinking a lot about love the past few days. Partly because my friend and her husband are getting ready to celebrate their wedding anniversary (is it 23 or 24?), partly because another friend is in the beginnings of a promising new relationship, and finally because my favorite couple in soap opera land are back together after 20 years(even death couldn’t keep them apart). Oh, and did I mention that my parents celebrated 41 years of marriage on Feb. 11?

All this love floating in the air makes a girl think about what place love has in her life.

We write songs, poems and books about it. We watch movies about it. People look for it in all the wrong places. Some people go long ways to find it; others find it right next to them. Some never find it at all.

What is it about love? What makes it so special that people spend their whole lives looking for it? What do we get from it; and conversely, what does it get from us?


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