Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

CAT is by far one of my favorite plays and movies. My favorite line in all of movie-dom is from CAT.

So, low-and-behold, I’m reading Essence magazine a little bit ago and came across an article that says that CAT is coming to Broadway starting March 6. James Earl Jones is going to play Big Daddy. Phylicia Rashad will play Big Momma. Anika Noni Rose (of Dreamgirls fame) will play Maggie the Cat. And Terrance Howard will be playing Brick.

Seeing as though I’m planning a trip to NYC to see certain people for their birthday in early May, I think I’ll just have to add a trip to the theatre to my agenda my visit. And just like when I saw The Color Purple, I can’t think of a better way for a single girl to spend an evening in NYC.


One thought on “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

  1. Oh my GOD, I totally want to see this!!!!!! Early May, you say? Let me know your exact dates – I’ll be taking May as a sabbatical month but a lot of it will be spent doing an intensive at ANTS.

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