No friends, this is not about my love of synthetic hair.

A few posts back I talked about how we’re talking about Paul and his views on women in my New Testament class. In 1 Cor 11 Paul says that women who prophesy in the assembly must wear a head-covering.

Orthodox Jewish women cover their head. 

In institutionalized Islam women are required to cover their heads.

All this makes me think about the significance of covering my head. I have plenty of scarves, not to mention wigs, that could cover my head and I think look good on me. How much would it take for me to cover my head? What would this symbolize? How would other UUs react to someone who covers their head all the time?

I’m just starting to working this out in my mind so bear with me as I post on this every once in a while.


One thought on “Headcoverings

  1. wow, this would be unusual among UUs! No time to check your others posts just now. Have you had further thoughts on this? Best wishes!

    Kristinsdottir, Eastern orthodox Christian who, yes, covers her head 🙂

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