You Gotta Have Friends

I have a friend. Imagine that. Even more astonishing is that I miss my friend. I miss her more right now than I thought I would. This has been an interesting month-and-a-half in my life and while I can talk about what’s going on with other friends of mine, it’s not the same as talking to her. She pestered me until I got myself into this, so she should have to listen to me talk about how much reading I’m doing and how all my papers are due at the same time.

But more importantly, I miss talking to her about the little things. Like the crush I have (which she would think is great). Living in Richmond. How much I miss being around my mother. My plans for a trip to see her at the end of the semester. The little things.

So…..I miss my friend. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to talk to her.


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