Western Unitarian Conference It Is

My US Church History professor gave her opinion that it would be more in line with what she envisions for my research paper if I do it on the Western Unitarian Conference instead of the split between the Congregationalists and the Unitarians. So now I have to find the primary sources. Who knows, it might involve a trip to Chicago to see what Meadville has in their possession.


3 thoughts on “Western Unitarian Conference It Is

  1. What StevenR said – as well as “Prophetic Sisterhood.” If you travel to Chicago, and especially if you’re interested in the controversies surrounding the WUC and AUC, you might want to immerse yourself in the archives of Unity magazine. There’s a lot in the editorials and articles!

  2. The Unitarian church in Geneva, Ill. (an hour west of Chicago by train) has an amazing document: the minutes of the congregation from its founding in 1843 up to the present day. It’s an absolutely fascinating thing, start to finish: the first few pages are ledger sheets for a merchant’s business in Boston, then during the panic of 1837 he obviously heads out to Geneva, and then uses the book to record the orginal covenant of the church, as well as all the minutes of annual meetings for over a century. Of particular interest: notes written by Rev. Celia Parker Woolley, whom they called as minister in 1893 (!!!). Probably a little too specialized for what you’re doing, but there’s a master’s thesis in that document, and if you go to Chicago anyway, it’s worth a trip (just be sure to contact the senior minister there in advance so you can be sure to have access to the document).

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