The Paul Continuum

I’m sitting here in Intro to the New Testament and we’re talking about how people in the class put Paul in the continuum of egalitarian or purveyor of patriarchy.

I come down as a “to be determined” person. (the only person in the class who came down this way) In my research, I came across too much about Thecla to give a real opinion, so I said that I would not say whether or not Paul was a chauvinist pig or the first century version of Alan Alda.

So I throw the question to all who want to answer: where do you think Paul falls in the continuum?


One thought on “The Paul Continuum

  1. Hi Kim. Welcome to the blogging. You know I couldn’t pass this one up. I like what Crossan says in his recent DVD series with Borg “Eclipsing Empire” that there is the Radical Paul of the authentic letters, then the “liberal/conservative” Paul of Ephesians, Collosians, then the “conservative reactionary, anti-Paul” Paul of Timothy and Titus. I think the authentic Paul of the authentic letters is an appealing radical in the Jesus mode, and we’d probably be arguing about Jesus more on these things too if we had bits and pieces of corresspondence from him as we do from Paul, but of course Paul was also of his time.

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