Opinions Wanted on History Paper Topic

Today I had to turn in my proposed paper topic in US Church.  I turned in 2 topics. The first was to study the history of the split between the Congregationalist and the Unitarians. The second topic proposed researching the history of the development of the Western Unitarian Conference.

Now, the bad thing is that I’m not in Boston.  The good thing is that I’m not in Boston. So this gives me a little space.

So…..opinions are wanted. Which of the two topics has the most information that I can readily mine(and get through Inter-library Loan)? Is there more information on one than the other? Which would you choose? 


3 thoughts on “Opinions Wanted on History Paper Topic

  1. Odds are good that the former is going to be easier to find information on.

    Unless you are close to the spot (wherever that is) that information on the WUC would be easy to mine (Chicago, I’d guess–I’d go straight to Meadville Lombard’s stacks…), the former topic is just so much more a generally important topic — to the larger society, since it bears on Unitarians, Congregationalists, the demise of the Standing Order, and the social and legal impacts on US society. The development of the WUC is more an “in-house” thing.

  2. i would say that both topics would be fairly easy – lots of books on the split between Unitarians and Congregationalists – and the main book on the WUC (Freedom Moves West) has a new printing –
    and using the footnotes and the material found on GoogleBooks should make it also easily researched.

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