We Were All Young Once……A Soap Opera Aside

I wasn’t expecting to write again today, but I just finished watching today’s episode of All My Children on SoapNet.

For those of you who don’t know me well……I was raised with a few things from birth. The Bible is one. Soap Operas are another. And All My Children is the one that has always been a part of my life. (I have and continue to watch some of the others….but AMC is my soap opera passion) I remember coming in from nursery school and asking about Erica and Tom (which, for those of you who watch AMC will tell you how far back I go with the show).

Anyway…..I remember Angie and Jesse the first go-round. And it is just sooooooo heartwarming to see them back in Pine Valley. They are one of a few black couples who made it in daytime, and it’s been wonderful to see the flashbacks of their beginning. What it has also done is remind me that we were all young once…..and had a passion for something or someone.

What was your passion when you were young?

(and for those of you who are AMC fans…….starting tomorrow……Angie and Jesse see each other for real……what a way to spend Valentine’s Day….seeing true lovers reunite….I can’t wait)


One thought on “We Were All Young Once……A Soap Opera Aside

  1. Angie & Jesse? They were two of my favorite characters back when I used to watch AMC. I saw it MWF at noon, along with other college students. We loved it because it was so hilarious — a soap opera parody! I like physical humor, especially double-takes and spit-takes, and AMC had an abundance of it. I don’t watch it anymore, however. Once I began to pay more attention to the sadder story lines, like the character whose husband died, I felt a sense of doom and stopped watching!
    Kim. I’m glad you have a blog.

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