U.S. Church History

Today is the start of my short days. I have classes on W-Th-F from 8:30 to 9:45 in the morning and then I’m done for the day.

The class for today was US Church History. The professor is a woman who teaches for Earlham College and occasionally for ESR. The most exciting thing (from my point of view) was the word Unitarian appearing on our reading and discussion list.

When we went around to introduce ourselves I told Dr. Garman that she made me really happy because Unitarians/Universalists don’t normally see our names in histories, unless they are talking about Emerson, Thoreau and the rest of the Transcendentalists.

After the introductions, we talked about Native American religions. We knew it was going to be brief because as our professor said, there hasn’t been as much research into it as there have been in other areas. (she did say that this was changing, just like it had for African American religious history)

Our reading for class on Friday is part of a collection of documents on early church history. So I got to read a papal directive (which I have a question about) and writings from John Winthrop. I also read ahead a little so I could see what documents they had from Anne Bradstreet.

Tomorrow is Theology 101 day. That’s going to be fun. I have questions already from our required reading. And I must say that it is very weird to read the Preface of the book and go “well, what about the rest of us?” But the professor for my theology class seems to be real cool and will probably get a kick out of the fact that I had to suck my teeth while reading the Preface.

That’s it for now. More tomorrow.


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